Tel-Aviv University

Case study Tel-Aviv University


Tel-Aviv University (TAU) is a leading and respected academic institute in Israel, and each year TAU holds open campus events to promote enrollment among potential students.


The consumer’s journey in the field of academic studies has changed. The potential students  of  today are more connected & more investigative thanks to the internet web and social networks  from their computer at home and mobile devices.

It’s harder to bring them to come to your open campus event

The Idea

Reinventing the concept of Open campus event:

We built a new platform, from which the students can visit our open campus event both physically and digitally via computer technologies.

Live cameras were located in lecture rooms across the campus, and were streaming live to the social network page and to TAU home web page.


Our multi-channel campaign with the message “everything starts here” was a success.  Thousands of potential students attended our open campus event and enrolled to our university. Hundreds more visited our internet mini-site live stream.

Tel-Aviv University was the first ever academic institute that held a digital live stream open campus event in Israel.