Michal Negrin

Case study Michal Negrin – Rebranding


Michal Negrin is a leading and established brand in the jewelry market, with over 40 branches worldwide. In recent years there was a certain brand erosion, which caused the brand to be relevant for relatively niche group and older women.


Rejuvenate the brand and position it as a trendy, fashionable trend.

The Idea

The first step was to choose Noa Tishby the brand ambassador. Noa’s success story corresponds in many ways to that of Michal Negrin, a story of a strong woman with big dreams and big ambitions, who aspires to go all the way to the top, overcoming all obstacles. We shoot the commercial in LA, Telling Noa’s story, Including all the difficulties and setbacks, until the desired success. The commercial struck a chord with every woman (and man), who are trying to force their way in our demanding and challenging world.


A considerable sales increase and rejuvenation of the average customer age.